Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Jonathan

Well, it was a little of a month ago now that you finally went to the doctor and were diagnosed with end stage 2 Kidney Disease.  Yesterday we found out that you are now at stage 4.  Emotions have run high, I've had to leave home for 2 weeks to try and de-stress from what is happening to our lives.  I'm angry at God for what is happening.  I'm angry at you because you are going to leave me.  It seems everyone I love ends up leaving me in one way or another.  So I've detached myself from people and just have Rudy Dawg as my best friend.  I know that no matter what he will be there for me during this difficult time and be there for me to lick my tears and snuggle on my lap, as only a 50lb dog can, and help me pick up the pieces of my life after God takes you home.

I know in my heart that you are so blessed to be going home to God.  After all these years of pain with all your aliments you will finally find comfort in Jesus' arms.  I'm so happy that my Aunt brought me to the Lord so I know there is something better for you after you are gone.  I'm at peace with that.

It's going to be a hard month closing down your office and saying farewell to all your hard work you have done in this Valley for the past 7 years, but I'm looking forward to us making memories in the time you have left with me here.

You know how well I like to share *LOL*  And you know this is my dads song I choose for him after he accepted Christ on Canada Day 2007 before he passed.....but I would like it to be your song too.  Even though out time together has only been 4 short years so far, I pray that the Lord will give us enough time for you to teach me how to live in the moment, to have more gratitude, allow others into my life again and to love you more than I can possibly imagine.


  1. Wow Christine...what you're doing is very special! I hope you get to spend lots of quality time together. Just listened to the song and it's very powerful. XXX



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