Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Jonathan

We've been so busy lately that I've not had a chance to post anything.

We went to see the Kidney specialist last week and he made a suggestion to change up one of your medications and after we discussed it you would rather have quality of life, not quantity.  I support whatever your decision is. It's your body and I totally understand why you choose the options you do.

We see the Cardiologist next week, all your test point to a very strong heart, just the kidneys of a very old man.

I accessed Hospice last week as well.  I needed to get plugged into a good support network while we go through this and for afterwards as well.  They were amazing after my dad passed away, so I felt safe to access them again.

I was walking home from the park with Rudy tonight and was thinking that we got Rudy together and I'm so glad that I'll have him to comfort me after.  I know he will never leave my side during my grief.  He's such a faithful and loving dog.  He will always be a piece of you with me.  That brings me comfort.  I'm sure he will be grieving as well, so we will have to support each other.

You've had a really rough weekend.  Not feeling very well at all, up and out of bed really early Saturday morning, not well enough to get up for Church today.  But a bonus for you.....I'm feeling much better the past 2 days and I've been able to wait on you hand and foot.  Gave you a pedicure on Saturday and got your feet looking nice again.

We have another busy week ahead again, cleaning out the office and my creative space.  And we have the storage locker as well.  I'm ready to just call the garbage truck for that, we've not used anything in there the whole time it's been there, what's the point.  Guess we don't need that stuff eh??

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